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Our E-Learning Institute is the #1 resource for International Dentists to prepare for their US National Board Dental Examinations (NBDE).

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Welcome to International Dentist

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Why Choose Us?

International Dentist is developed and managed by dentists to help you re-validate your DENTAL DEGREE in the United States..

Our in-house Brazilian dentists have experience and know exactly what your needs are! Many members of the team have already passed the National Dental Boards Exams and gone through the same processes as you are going through now to revalidate your Brazilian Dental Degree in the USA! We have the know-how to show you step-by-step the revalidation process through simple and clear language using explanatory videos and e-books.

Our unique e-learning program is the first and only in the world designed to teach you how to revalidate your dental degree in your native language. We constantly work to bring you the best and newest material to study for the American boards and TOEFL exams!

Meet Dr. Maria Magalhaes, DMD.

Dr. Maria was internationally trained in Brazil with a DDS degree from UNIVALE-MG before relocating to New Jersey with her family. There, Dr. Maria attended and received her DMD license from Rutgers School of Dental Medicine and has since moved to Boca Raton, Florida where she practices at her own clinic

Dr. Maria has extensive experience of how to study and prepare for all boards involved in the process of revalidating your dental license in the US. She will share her knowledge and experience with you to ensure and expedite your success.

Pass the US National Board Dental Examinations

Continuously Updated

Our material is based and focused for the boards. It is continuously updated with what is released by the ADA (American Dental Association) and other related organizations.

Native Language

Our lectures are the first lessons produced in your native language with high-quality videos. English will not be a barrier because the material was carefully prepared and facilitated for all levels of English speakers.

Interactive Material

We have interactive material to test and measure your progress as you move through the program.

Better Comprehension

Our videos are reinforced with 3D images, software and videos for better comprehension of the study material.

Professional Team

Our professional team are constantly interacting through social media and our website, discussing questions and giving advice related for what you will be expected to know for the US Boards.

Comprehensive Videos

With our comprehensive videos and study material you will quickly make your way into the American Universities and consequently into the American Dental Market.

International Courses

Ready? Here we have all the tools to help you!


We provide a guide with step-by-step instructions on how to revalidate your dental diploma! Included are sample of board exams, English exams, and university applications to allow you to familiarize yourself with the process.

English Boost

A special course packed with tips and advice on how to improve your performance on the TOEFL exam in order to achieve the minimal grade necessary for your chosen university. We also provide extra assistance from tutors that have helped hundreds of students prepare for this exam.

Video Lectures

The video lectures cover material to study for all disciplines on the NBDE boards, and are now explained in your own native language (see available videos)!


We are qualified to give you the best strategy for your studies and the help you need to quickly achieve your goal!

Improvement Test

Test your knowledge after taking the video lectures with hundreds of questions from previous exams and prepared questions from experienced professors.

Interactive Chat

Every active member can participate in our chats to discuss questions and exchange important information about the material. These chats are separated by courses and disciplines.

Private Facebook Group

As one of our students, you have access to our private Facebook group so that you can discuss cases and exchange study materials and experiences with other students in your situation.

One day with a great teacher is better than a thousand days of diligent study.

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