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The Statistics

The number of Brazilian dentists and dental schools keeps rapidly increasing. In 2016, there were a total of 280,306 dentists (CFO-2016) in Brazil. There are more than 220 dental schools and universities in Brazil that produce 12,000 new dentists each year. The Brazilian population increases at a rate of 1.6% per year while the number of dentists increases at a rate of 4.28%(Freitas-2007). Brazil has the largest population of dentist in the world, exceeding 20% of the total population with a ratio of 140 dentists per 100,000 of population.

Meanwhile, in the USA, the number of dentists is recorded at 195,722 (ADA-2015) with the ratio of 65.7 dentists per 100,000 of the population (ADA-June 2016). The number of dental universities and schools in the US is only 66 with no expectation of growth. There is a projected shortfall of dentists in the US of 7.9%.

The average salary for a Brazilian dentist is R$5,367.00 (approximately US $1,677.00) monthly for 38.24hrs/week, accordingly to the Institute of Economic Research (Ipea) 2013.

In the USA, an average dentist makes about US$146,000.00 per year, which equates to US$12,170.00 monthly (salary.com – April, 2017).

Why would you want to become a Dentist in the US?

Dental Routine

In the US, it’s very common for a General Practitioner (GP) to work with at least 3 operatories, not including the Dental Hygienists that also produce work in their own chairs.

The number of dental assistants and their contribution also increases daily production in the office. In the US, the dental assistants can take radiographs, dental impressions, place temporary restorations, place retractor cords and etc. On top of having a great salary, the GPs in the US also have access to the latest technology and best material without extra costs, which makes the profession even more attractive.

Recognition and Culture

It is common for American citizens to see the dentist every 6 months for periodic oral evaluation and cleaning.

The importance of oral health is ingrained in the culture. For this reason, they always return for a cleaning and check up. Dentists in the US are recognized and respected similarly to medical doctors, have prestige in society and are highly compensated.

Our goal is to help guide International Dentists through the steps of how to revalidate their dental degrees in the US and prepare for the educational processes needed in order to apply for US Dental Schools.

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